One of the most contemporary and convenient options for an attraction of investments is ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Earlier, major investments in startup companies were involved in the initial public offering (IPO) of companies’ shares to potential investors. Nowadays, the ICO gradually replaces the traditional instruments like IPO.

The main distinctive feature between ICO and IPO is that during the ICO investors purchase tokens instead of shares, which provides the specific amount of rights.

For instance, tokens issued during the ICO, do not always entitle the investors with the right to dividends. In many cases, they are only access tokens and provide certain rights to access to goods and services of the company. This option is really convenient because in the vast majority of jurisdictions the tokens are not considered as securities, and therefore the regulation is minimal.

Our company has a substantial experience dealing with cryptocurrencies, and we can offer you the following services related to launching of ICO project:

1. Legal consultation on jurisdictions for ICO;

2. Incorporation of a company;

3. Opening of a bank account in fiat currencies (e.g. USD, EUR etc.);

4. Opening of a cryptocurrency account (BTC, ETH, etc.);

5. Preparation of legal documents required for ICO:

•  KYC & AML Policies;

•  Privacy Policy;

•  Politically Exposed Person;

•  Confidentiality Policy;

•  Prevention of Conflict of Interest;

•  Legal Entity Identification Form (fillable PDF form);

•  Individual Identification Form (fillable PDF form);

•  UBO Identification Form (fillable PDF form);

•  Terms & Conditions;

•  Token Sale Agreement.

6. Obtaining of necessary licenses and permissions.

7. Obtaining of a LEI-code.

8. Legal analysis of White Paper with the purpose of risk mitigation.

9. Protection of intellectual property rights to the project.

Should you have any questions related to ICO, please feel free to contact us.