International Business Company (IBC) in Belize. It is required one director and one shareholder for offshore company registration in Belize (director and shareholder can be one individual person of any nationality).

Standard declared authorized capital – $ 50 000 which is divided into shares with (without) the nominal value.


IBC companies, trusts and offshore banks are not subject to tax profit in Belize and pay a fixed license fee to the budget. The amount of annual fee for IBC depends on the declared authorized capital of the company:

  • Declared authorized capital is less than or equal to $ 50 000. The fee to the budget is $ 100 per year;
  • Declared authorized capital of the company is more than $ 50 000. The fee to the budget is  $ 1 000 per year;
  • Companies which issued the shares without a nominal value, pay to the budged $ 350 per year.

The fee is paid annually before January, otherwise, the company automatically enters to bad standing.

Accounting and audit.

There isn’t necessary to submit accounting reports and performance of an audit for offshore company in Belize.

There isn’t a public register of companies. Information about the directors and shareholders of companies is publicly inaccessible.


  • Exemption from taxes;
  • Politically stable country;
  • Low cost of company registration and low annual fees;
  • High confidentiality. There isn't an public information;
  • IBC can be used for international trade, electronic commerce, possession of an intellectual property rights, upkeep of movable and immovable property, solution to an issue of inheritance, etc.


  • Offshore jurisdiction is in the black list of many governmental and international organizations. This means that these countries pay more attention to the offshore companies.

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