The most popular among foreign investors are companies in Panama in the form of corporations and private foundations. The word Corporation is usually included in company's name. 

When company registration in Panama it’s required to appoint a minimum of three directors with the following functions: Director; Treasurer (financial director) and Secretary. In addition to the above one person can combine several positions in the Panamanian companies.

It’s quite the sole shareholder for company registration in Panama. Directors and shareholders of the company can be both individual person and legal entity, resident or non-resident.

There isn’t requirement for size and mandatory payment of the authorized capital. Proposed authorized capital is $ 10 000 and is divided into 10 000 shares with par value of $ 1.


The companies which don’t carry on business in Panama are not subject to taxation.

Starting next year after registration, the company in Panama must pay an annual fixed fee to the budget which is $ 350.

Accounting and audit.

There isn’t necessary to submit accounting reports and performance of an audit for offshore company in Panama.

The activities of the companies in Panama are carried out under the terms and conditions of absolute confidentiality. The register of shareholders is not being published and can be disclosed only in a court case.


  • Exemption from taxes;
  • There aren't requirements to prepare and submit the financial statements;
  • Corporation can be used for international trade, ownership of investments and assets, as asset protection, registration of the ships and yachts.


  • Offshore jurisdiction is in the black list of many governmental and international organizations. This means that these countries pay more attention to the offshore companies.

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