Estonia is an European country with good geographical position and economic stability.

A residence permit in Estonia gives the opportunity to enter and leave the country freely, work or study, make use of the services of medical and governmental institutions, doing own business within the territory of EU and freely travel throughout the Schengen Zone and also makes it easier to receive visas from other countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Obtaining a residence permit in Estonia that is based on registration of Estonian company is the fastest way to get a new status – «Resident of the EU».

There are many benefits of registration own company in Estonia. This is quit little cost of this procedure comparing with other European countries and positive tax policy. Especially Estonia is opened for foreign businessmen and their investments cause it helps to increase growth of economics in the country.  Foreign shareholders of Estonian companies can freely buy all kinds of movable and real estate property and land. It is also an advantage of obtaining a residence permit in Estonia that it based on registration of the Estonian company.

According to the Estonian legislation foreign citizens that have registered Estonian companies obtain a 2 years residence permit in Estonia but with the condition of a mandatory stay in the country not less than 183 days in a year.  After it they have right for the further prolongation it up to 5 years. Foreign citizens can submit the petition for citizenship of Estonia after 5 years of having residence permit in this country.

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