Business immigration

According to the Estonian law a residence permit is issued for 2 years but with the condition of a mandatory stay in the country not less than 183 days in a year. After it they have right for the further prolongation it up to 5 years. In order to obtain a residence permit it is necessary to invest at least € 65 000 in the company or to invest not less than € 16 000 in the entrepreneurial activity.

Investment can be considered as the equity capital of the enterprise or credit which is issued for a period of not less than 5 years or registered fixed assets value.

Registered fixed assets value  if the company has fixed assets (real estate, cars, etc.) it can be taken into account in the requisite capital.

There are an important requirement for obtaining residence permit in Estonia: registered company should carry on a successful business activity for at least 4 months before the submission of documents for residence permit.

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