Dutch trust foundation STAK

Dutch trust foundation (Stichting Administratiekantoor, STAK) is a legal entity where isn’t required to obtain approvals of the governmental authorities for its creation.

The advantages of the STAK foundation:

  • Registration for a few days;
  • Dutch trust foundationis a legal entity and can enter into transactions;
  • It isn't necessary to get an annual audit, to file tax returns and annual accounts;
  • The names of holders of depository receipts is not public and a list is kept by the directors;
  • There isn't the tax assessment, in the case, if investments aren't in the Netherlands;
  • Dutch trust foundation is considered transparent for the purposes of Dutch tax legislation;
  • There aren't requirements for payment of the tax on capital;
  • The profit is taxed at the level of the holders of depositary receipts.

The STAK foundationis the legal owner of the shares and has the right to vote. The holders of depositary receipts receive dividends in the case when the STAK enters into a contract with the legal owner of the shares whereby the shares become the property of STAK and which undertakes to provide management of these shares in favor of the counterparty with the simultaneous issuance of depositary receipts (certificates).

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