Creation of trust

Company LARUS CORPORATE SERVICES offers a service upon the creation of trusts.

The property of founder is conveyed under the control of manager in the structure of the trust. The manager stores its and performs a certain operations or transaction for the purpose of receiving of profit. Subsequently, the beneficiaries (persons who receive income from the trust in case of a trust ownership) are obtained the profit. The founder forfeit the right to property after the conveyance of property. However, he can be a beneficiary at the same time and get profit. The property belongs to the trust fund prior to the cessation of trust existence.

In recent times similar system of storing property is becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising, because with the structured use of this system, it is a great way to optimize the taxes and protect property from third parties and financial institutions.

Using a system of trust, the founder transfers the property under the control of the Trustee. It is very important to prepare the necessary documentation and in particular Declaration of Trust in order to ensure the conduct strictly of those transactions with the property which were provided by the trust initially.

Also important factor is the choice of jurisdiction for using of trust in one of them, as each of them has its own characteristics and can be suitable or unsuitable for an individual case.

Company LARUS CORPORATE SERVICES offers a list of countries where can register a trust: New Zealand, British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Switzerland, Cyprus, Liechtenstein.

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