About Company

LARUS CORPORATE SERVICES company provides wide range of services to corporate and private clients.

Our clients have the following opportunities:

  • To move freely around the world without visa and other restrictions and to enjoy legally the advantages of the world.
  • To get support at all stages of preparation of a residence permit and citizenship and also to get a professional advice at every stage of real estate transactions.
  • To actively develop own business outside the country in the world market.
  • To use for the business all the benefits and opportunities of investment programs, as well as tax relief for the purpose of efficient management and capital increase.

The main principles of the company LARUS CORPORATE SERVICES are:

  • High level of professionalism and guaranteed results. Providing professional assistance only in case of full assurance in our effectiveness for each individual client.
  • Responsibility to each client. Strict observance of Privacy Policy and information security. Focusing on the individual client's needs.

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