EU commission recommends partial and gradual lifting of travel restrictions to the EU after 30 June, based on common coordinated approach

The European Commission calls on the Schengen countries to open internal borders on June 15, but leave them closed to third countries until June 30 inclusive. The corresponding statement is published on the EU website.

But even after this period, the borders will not open to everyone. The EU recommends that Schengen member countries adhere to a unified and coordinated policy for the reception of tourists from third countries, based on various criteria, such as the health situation, epidemiological situation (should not be worse than the EU average), the ability to contain the spread coronavirus while traveling, respecting the principles of reciprocity. Moreover, criteria should be evaluated on the basis of reliable sources, for example, WHO.

“After the abolition of all internal border checks within the Union, we offer a clear and flexible approach to removing restrictions on entry into the EU starting July 1. International travel is key for tourism and business, as well as for reuniting family and friends. Although we all will have to be careful, the time has come to make specific preparations for lifting restrictions with countries whose health conditions are similar to those in the EU and for resuming visa operations,” - said European Commissioner Ilva Jonhansson.

In addition, the European Commission recommends expanding the list of groups of people who are allowed to enter the EU even from countries with closed borders. In particular, this applies to students and highly qualified specialists whose employment is necessary for the economy of the Union.

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