The Head Of The NBU Council Proposes To Provide Access To Bank Secrets To The Tax Service

Chairman of the NBU Council Bohdan Danylyshyn proposes to grant the Tax Service the right to access companies' bank accounts, he wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“In my opinion, we need to comprehensively reconsider the approaches to defining banking secrecy and expand the capabilities of not only law enforcement, but also tax authorities in gaining access to the accounts of economic entities,” writes Danylyshyn. “This step will ensure further movement towards reducing the level of shadowing of the economy and stimulates the narrowing of opportunities for economic entities to avoid taxation, thereby ensuring equal conditions for competition in the market,” said Danylyshyn.

According to him, the disclosure of information on financial accounts "is a current global trend, which gradually but irreversibly turns the institution of banking secrecy into an attribute of the past."

The Chairman of the NBU Council believes that the revision of approaches to the disclosure of information on bank and other financial accounts will allow Ukraine to join more than 100 signatory countries of the agreement on the automatic exchange of financial information according to a single OECD standard.

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