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Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages: as concerns the director it is only necessary a copy of the passport from him. Nothing is said about the bank statement and/or providing of a utility bill.

Disadvantages: it is difficult to contact the bank by email (an answer from the bank takes a long time) and difficult to get answer by the phone (all operators are busy). Eventually, it isn't clear how to get in touch with the bank in the future and how to open an account if the bank gives an answer so long.

When depositing cash to an account at HSBC Bank in terms of USD, the bank charges a fee in the amount 0,25% from total. It is also recommended to provide the supporting documents. It is best to transfer the initial deposit from any personal account of the beneficiary.

A document issued by the Latvian bank which confirms the introduction of 280 000 EUR in the form of subordinated capital (subordinated loan or subordinated shares) by a foreigner  with the placement of not less than 5 years. According to the conditions of the deposit, it can not be canceled before the expiry of the term of the transaction. Guarantee of EU countries covers all deposits. In the event of problems at the bank, in any case, the state will compensate the client an amount equal to 100 000 EUR.

A non-recurrent refundable insurance deposit is a monetary amount which is transferred to the registration agents (company Intercorp) when using of their nominee service (director is private individual). This amount is refunded to the director when the client refuses a nominee service or when company liquidation.

No, both the company’s name and the cardholder's name must be indicated on the card.

Personal presence in the bank is necessary requirement after filling out online form.

  • CV of the beneficiary.
  • Completed application form from the bank.
  • Scanned copy of the beneficiary's passport.
  • Company's license (if the company has license).
  • Public information (sources).
  • Documents evidencing the company's activities (contracts).

It is Citibank, the one of the largest banks in the United States. Commission for account opening – HK$ 30 000 (approximately € 3 800).

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